Business Ethics


All members can build the right business and grow alongside the company.


  1. Please strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Code of Conduct for both action and mind. Violation of the rules will lead to the revocation of membership status
  2. Do not persuade those who are not qualified to apply for membership
  3. Do not persuade others to apply for or purchase goods for business purposes without the person having a real desire to consume the goods
  4. Do not exaggerate the revenue from the La Chule business and clearly and accurately display the La Chule expansion and marketing plans. It must be pointed out that the La Chue business is a portfolio opportunity to achieve the goal of increasing income and security in life that requires hard work and determination.
  5. Don't undercut or lower the price below what the company has set because it will fully reduce the profit you deserve. Also, it also affects other business associates and will confuse the business cycle
  6. Products may not be sold in department stores, shops or places that show their intention to sell to consumers who are not La Chule members. However, the company's outreach system is a multi-layered direct selling and selling with a sales method that is mainly recommended to prospects. Selling at such locations will impede the correct system for expansion and affect other business associates
  7. Do not exaggerate the effectiveness of the product and be sure to state the product truthfully and reliably. It must present and demonstrate the product in a way that is properly certified by the company as stated on the product documentation or label
  8. Do not abandon customers
  9. Do not change or invite others to change careers. You must respect the unity of each line of work. The company does not allow the transfer of membership status from one line of business to another because it will lead to conflict and overall negative effect on business operations
  10. Do not use the member's network to sell products other than La Chule products. All members are required to sell all La Chule products. It is definitely forbidden to steal or use your information or association with other members to distribute products other than La Chule products
  11. Do not order or sell La Chule products to other line members. Because it will directly affect the commission calculation. You must purchase or sell products directly from your team leader or the company either at the head office or at a company-organized meeting. It includes ordering through the company's online channels
  12. Do not keep or force others to stockpile products as it is a bad business practice and should not force line members to reserve more than what they sell each month. Doing so will cause you to run your business in an unlawful pyramid scheme
  13. Do not infringe the trademark rights of La Chule Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. If a member wants to use any trade name or trade mark of the company, please ask for permission and approval from the company first every time
  14. Commission Charge and Cash Reward
    • Active members can earn commission on the 10th of the following month. The company will rely on the method of earning the commission as specified in the application. If there are any changes, notice must be given in advance of the close of the month
    • Members must pay withholding tax which will be deducted from the commission as required by law
  15. Transfer of La Chule membership
    • Members may transfer their La Chule membership rights to others. However, the transferee is the person named on the application or only relative. The assignee must meet all the conditions of the new membership application
    • Each time a membership is transferred, it must be approved by the company first. The company has the right to refuse such approval. However, it is at the discretion of the company and its member organization board
    • In the event of a member's death, the Company will transfer the business inheritance to the heir or the person named in the application
    • The transferee must maintain the status of the assigning member in all respects
    • Once the right of membership has been transferred to others, the assignor has no right to apply for another line of work
  16. Business Termination
    1. If a member of La Chule Cosmetics (Thailand) Ltd. wishes to cancel a business, the member has the right to return the product in resaleable condition including promotional materials, manuals or business promotion materials to company within 30 days prior to the date you notify the business cancellation. The company will refund the money to the member within 15 days from the date the member uses the right back. In this regard, the Company has the right to deduct the operating fee not exceeding the rate announced by the Committee and has the right to set off any debt related to the contract under Section 23 of the Direct Sales and Direct Marketing Act, B.E. 2545
    2. When a member cancels business with La Chule Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in order to prevent problems from taking over the line, the company has set the criteria for business cancellation for appropriateness as follows:
      • Regular membership up to 20%: If you would like to terminate your business, you will not be able to sign up for a new business within 6 months
      • 25% Membership: If you would like to terminate your business, you will not be able to join the new business for 1 year
      • Bronze Star Membership and above: If you would like to terminate your business, you will not be able to join the new business forever
  17. The company will submit a written notice to the member for revocation of membership status in the event of one or more of the following events
    • In the event that the member violates any of the rules and cannot rectify the violation within 14 days from the date of receipt of a letter from the company stating to comply with that letter
    • In the event that the member displays information about the company, product or marketing plan that is severely misrepresented and cannot be corrected with other penalties
    • Conduct activities that disturb members both in their own line of work and others
    • Members frequently break the rules
    • Members report or show company information that does not match the facts in the application
    • General members, 10%, 15% with no minimum order amount 1,000 baht within 1 year
    • Members at 20% level and above do not receive commission within 1 year
    • Withdrawal means the termination and complete suspension of a person's membership status. It includes the right to receive any other income from the membership, whether accrued or before or after its revocation. It will come into effect on the date of written notice to the relevant member
  18. Sales of products
    1. When a product is sold to a non-member consumer, it must have a valid contract of sale document which is available at the company office. In essence, there must be a satisfaction guarantee and return within 7 days. The member must refund the full amount to the consumer and return the product to the company
    2. In order to sell goods directly to consumers at the residence or place of work, permission from the consumer or the occupant of that place must be obtained first. It must not disturb or cause annoyance to such person. In this regard, the member or the independent distributor must present the identification card and the La Chule membership card issued by the Company
  19. Member punishment
    • Members violate the rules and regulations of the company
    • Members act in a disrespectful way towards the Company or its products
    • Members damage the company
  20. Punishment measures
    • Step 1: A written warning
    • Step 2: No balance retention in that month and no commission for that month either
    • Step 3: Unsubscribe
    • The Company reserves the right to dismiss any member as the Company deems appropriate when the Company can prove or has grounds to believe that the behavior pursuant to Article 18. The released member will be notified by the Company in writing at the latest address at notified
    • The company will determine the penalties in any way at its discretion
    • **All company rules are subject to change as appropriate**


  1. All members must comply with the Direct Selling Act. Businesses must be conducted in an ethical, moral, fair, lawful manner and without financial problems. honesty It will not engage in any other activity that will damage the reputation or image of the Company, its products or other members. It includes counterfeiting the company's products or taking the company's products for other business models to compete with the company. If any member violates or allows others to act in violation or to support such, the applicant or co-author agrees to pay compensation to the company in the amount of a minimum of 500,000 baht (five hundred thousand baht only) and must be paid immediately upon claim
  2. All members of the Company are independent contractors instead of employees or representatives of the Company. In addition, independent distributors are prohibited from holding press conferences, press conferences, claiming or representing other types of products to solicit members of the Company or to show that they are part of the Company and other than merely being a part of the Company. independent contracting parties
  3. All members have the right to be a member of the company only, there is no right to bind the company. In any obligation to make any obligations, contracts, liabilities, legal contracts. It includes claiming for damages or for the Company to indemnify any loss or liabilities arising from the member's business operations or breach of the terms of the contract
  4. Members shall protect, promote, support and maintain the unity of members and the Company. It combines the reputation and image of the company whether it is a product or a marketing plan. It must only be presented in detail and truthfully. Members must not be rude, deceptive, mislead for customers and mislead or conduct any conduct that is unethical and unethical
  5. All members who violate the terms of the membership contract including the terms of the business guide, the company reserves the right to cancel the status of an independent distributor. The company will notify the cancellation in writing
  6. In the event of revocation of the company's membership status, the company reserves the right to revoke your membership at any time when there is clear evidence that you have violated the rules of the contract or you have not complied with the rules and regulations of the company's members. It includes a book agreement that is updated from time to time. The penalty is at the sole discretion of the Company
  7. Any member whose membership is revoked by the Company will not be eligible to apply for membership of the Company again. The Company will not pay dividends, benefits, fees, rewards and bonuses for activities occurring within the month in the event of disqualification. The member is prohibited from presenting himself as a member of the Company since during the period of revocation
  8. If a member dies, his or her independent distributorship privileges will be terminated other than having a vested blood descendant or statutory trustee by filling in the details in the application or contract. in its entirety It must include a copy of the death certificate of the deceased. Successors automatically have all rights and obligations to become members of the Company
  9. All Members must not sell or attempt to sell products or services to members who are not under their respective line of work, whether in meetings, product showcases or seminars organized by the Company
  10. All Members shall not solicit or recommend business opportunities of other companies, directly or indirectly, to members who are not in their respective fields, even if they contribute to a joint benefit of its products or business
  11. All members are prohibited from advertising and promoting copyright documents, trade names and trademarks or symbols of products and companies without permission from the Company. It includes presenting information to the media via television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. Do not alter the label or change the packaging of the bottle under any circumstances. It would be considered an illegal act unless approved in writing by the official company. The company has the right to produce, sell products and print advertisements under this license and mark solely
  12. The company reserves the right to change product prices or business manuals without prior notice
  13. The company recommends and supports its members to sell products at retail prices as specified by the company only. Otherwise, the company will proceed according to the rules and regulations that have been set
  14. The Company reserves the right to provide only the first member with the right to provide sales advice and assistance to prospective members. Regardless of how many applications and membership contracts have been submitted by prospective members. The name of the sponsor must be the first invite only. If, in spite of any conflict of rights thereof, the Company shall hold its sole and absolute discretion
  15. Independent distributors sponsoring any individual must provide honest advice, assistance and training. It's about the product, the revenue plan and the company's support policy for future success together


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