Our Believe



From the “melasma problem” that Pol.sub.-Lt.Surachet Choursri, the chairman of the board faced himself, he met with “Natural Moisturizer Cream”, a product developed and researched to solve the problem of melasma and skin of Asian women by himself. It is considered a clear result in solving melasma, freckles, and dark spots clearly. A result of products that directly address skin problems has led to business growth by acquiring the license to become the sole distributor of La Chule products in Asia since 1998. The company has also developed Nano Natural Moisturizer Cream to "Nano Moisture Cream GP4G" and health and beauty products for nourishing and caring for all skin types. For example, Nano Whitening Soap GP4G, Nano Sunscreen Cream GP 4 G SPF50 PA+++, Pico Bio Serum, Pico Lifting Serum, Lachule Alfasia, Pico Stemcoll 4G FIR, and more than 20 products under the brand “Lachule”. These products have been generating sales through Multi- Level Marketing (MLM) continuously for over 23 years. At present, La Chule has successfully completed business and transformed the lives of over 500,000 members. We are ready to deliver business opportunities along with solving the problems of "blemish" and skin problems for Thai women to be beautiful and earn money at the same time. Our Believe


La Chule’


La Chule’ It is the source of creatures that flourish in the business world as well as the magnificent health and beauty products produced by a human being, whose clans and networks can grow indefinitely. It has immortal and strong immunity that is indestructible by adhering to “quality and integrity” as its cornerstone in doing business.

Corporate Symbol


It is both a consonant and a vowel. (A E I O U) It is one of the most important letters because when one of the letters is placed or connected, the meaning immediately arises. For instance, men and women. When the two genders are brought together, it is the origin of the creation of life, humanity and everything else on this planet.

circle mark and Ó

It is a circle connected by a sign above the French vowel called (´) accents. It is like a world that constantly revolves around itself. It is also an indestructible shield in the great French cosmetic world.


"Quality and Virtue"

Corporate Color

Red = The color of wealth and victory
White = The color of cleanliness, purity and ethics
Blue = The color of prosperity and lasting success

The Thai and French flags are perfectly similar national symbols as a business partner.

The meaning of....La Chule

L - Love Love to the organization, executives, products, business plans, learning, business advisers, yourself and your team.
A - Amazing The miracle of La Chule products that restore damaged skin to beautiful skin.
C - Cosmetic Quality products with clear results
H - High Technology It is remarkable by innovative FIR and PICO & Nano technology in the production process for deep health and skin care.
U - University A university of life that develops tools and online business models that are prepared to be shared with partners to help them grow their businesses.
e’ - Ethic We have operated our business in strict accordance with the Direct Selling Business Ethics and Business Code of Conduct in order to establish standards in the direct selling industry.


Lachule Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on 6 July 1998 with its first head office located in Bangkok Apartment Building, Rangnam Alley. At that time, La Chule had a Single Level Marketing business with a few skincare products.


La Chule has a business development approach to sustainable growth by developing standards for quality products. We also consider the safety of consumers as our primary concern. As a result, we have been able to expand our customer base and membership to cover both local and global markets to support business growth. 14 July 1998 is the historic day of La Chule. We held a “Grand Opening” event to open our new headquarters on over 1 rai of land in the middle of Bangkok. The address is 888 Ratchadaphisek Road. The building has a usable area of more than 4,000 square meters. We spent over 200 million baht to create a comprehensive “Health and Beauty Land”.

It is equipped with facilities to provide complete partner services. We moved our office from the Bangkok Apartment Building to our head office on Ratchadapisek Road and continue our business until now.


At present, La Chule's head office on Ratchadapisek Road is willing to serve all customers for both ordering and delivery, organizing seminars for partners through online and offline channels. It is also a center for developing health and beauty products under the “La Chule” brand over 20 products through a direct sales business system with Multi-level Marketing.


La Chule is a business miracle in the health and beauty business that has changed people's lives and contributed to the success of more than 500,000 members nationwide in the beauty industry. The quality of our products is a guarantee of superiority in building reputation and branding to be widely known. We continue to develop our products, our comprehensive partner business support system, and our in-house operations as a global standard. Its goal is to facilitate corporate operations with speed, efficiency, and convenience while fostering domestic and global market expansion.



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